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Alliance Treaty

Alliance of the Branches of the Order of Saint Lazarus

Stimulated by the positive example of the alliance contract, which has been approved and signed by the four Protestant branches of the Order of Saint John (Balley Brandenburg des Ritterlichen Ordens St. Johannis vom Spital zu Jerusalem, Germany, and its foreign associations; The Grand Priory in the British Realm of The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, United Kingdom; De Johanniterorde in Nederland, Netherlands; Johanniterorden i Sverige, Sweden) on 13th June 1961 in Nieder-Weisel, Germany - "Konvention von Nieder Weisel" - the Vienna Conference of the Obedience of Malta in May 2004 suggested the conclusion of a similar convention by the different branches of the Order of Saint Lazarus.

The basic idea of the present treaty is the fact that today different independent organisations are active under the green eight-pointed cross, pleading to a common tradition, being based on Christian principles, and in the end following common goals of charity. The convention is to serve mutual recognition in friendship and fraternity, moving closer mentally, in addition also to enable a future co-operation across all Orders' borders. The convention is open for signature to all existing and recognised Lazarus groupings.

It makes us happy that this initiative is fallen on fruitful soil: The convention regarding an Alliance of the Branches of the Order of Saint Lazarus has been signed by the Obedience of Malta, by the Obedience of Paris and by the United Grand Priories; the Convention is already in strength. Thus the members of the three large branches are now allied in the Faith and in the common work on the distressed people in need under the umbrella of the green eight-pointed Cross.

Text of the Convention

Treaty signed by the two main branches

Treaty signed by the United Grand Priories

Last update 01 04 2004