The Grand Master is the Head of the Order and to him is delegated all power and authority of the Chapter General. He is elected for life and he shall appoint all members of the Government of the Order. He shall be the only authority to admit Members and Affiliates and confirm promotions and awards of merit.

The Coadjutor is the first dignitary of the Order after the Grand Master. He shall preside over the Executive Council and take the Grand Masterís place when the Grand Master is incapacitate.

During periods of vacancy in the Grand Mastership the Vicar General or Grand Vicar is vested with the prerogatives of the Grand Mastership but without being entitled to the external pomp and honours.

The Government of the Order consist of the Chapter General, the Grand Magisterial Council, the Supreme Council, the Executive Council and the Grand Secretaries and Heads of Jurisdiction. All appointment to the Government of the Order is at the discretion of the Grand Master.

The Chapter General, composed of all Members of the Order both lay and clerical, is the supreme governing body and repository of all power in the Order.

The Grand Magisterial Council consist of the Grand Master, the Coadjutor and all Members appointed to the Government of the Order. Meetings will be held normally every two years.

The Supreme Council is governing the Order between the regular meetings of the Grand Magisterial Council.

It is headed by a President.

The Executive Council, headed by the Coadjutor, shall examine the affairs and accounts of the Order as well as discuss, advise and assist the Grand Master.

The Grand Chancellery, headed by the Grand Chancellor, is responsible for all administrative matters relating the Order, e.g. administration, control, external relations, membership discipline, promotions, awards of merit and the control of those "in gremio religionis".


Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem

Office of the Grand Chancellor

Veronikagasse 29/10

1170 Vienna


Phone: +43 1 319 6034 (office) or +43 1 408 5764 (residence)

Fax: +43 1 319 6034 (office) or +43 1 408 5764 (residence)



Grand Chancellery

c/o 46 Timber Warf

Marsa HMR12

Malta G.C.

Phone: +356 21233664

Fax: +356 212339354




Since June 2004 the Obedience of Malta is governed by an Executive Council headed by H.E. Chevalier Reginald Saviour Attard, who is styled Grand Vicar.

In November 2004 H.R.H. Charles-Philippe Prince d'Orleans took over the position of Supreme Head and Grand Master designate. According to the Constitution he will be elected Grand Master by a forthcoming Chapter General.





Grand Secretaries


Living Members of the Supreme Concil & Grand Secretaries emereiti


Staff of the Grand Chancellery


Other International Senior Officers




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