Membership in the Order  

The membership in the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (Order of St. Lazarus) is open to everyone - independently of sex, descent, nationality, race and colour - if the following conditions set up in the Constitution are fulfilled:

 achieved 21st year of his life

        affiliation to a recognised Christian religious community

        active and lived confessed Christianity

        recognised social or vocational position

        readiness for the acknowledgement and adherence to the Orderís Constitution, Statutes and General

        Regulations, the implementation instructions and all other regulations

        readiness for the active co-operation in the sense of Christian charity

The admission usually takes place in the category of Grace. Descendants of recognised noble families can be admitted in the category of Justice; they are additionally justified to wear beside their insignia the "Cross of Justice". Within the brotherhood both categories are of equal standing.


Like other traditional chivalric orders the Order of St. Lazarus knows different ranks for its members, which are expressed by different insignia. However, the eight pointed green Orderís cross is not an award of honour, but a character of the affiliation to the Order of St. Lazarus.


The Order of St. Lazarus possesses also a category of Merit, which is open also to persons, who do not belong to Christian faith.


How to become a Member


Any person interested in becoming a member of the Order of St. Lazarus is herewith invited to contact the nearest Jurisdiction within his home country. You may attend a meeting or participate in an event organised by that Jurisdiction and explain your interest to the senior officers being present. They will supply you with more information and with a form of application. All further contact relating with your application has to be channeled through this Jurisdiction only.


Only if there is no such Jurisdiction existing in your country you are invited to download the following form of application (EnglishFrench- German). This form must be completely filled in and sent together with the necessary attachments to


Order of Saint Lazarus

Office of the Grand Chancellor

Veronikagasse 29/10

1170 Vienna

Austria - Europe


Only application forms duly filled in and signed, with all necessary attachments, and sent by snail mail can be processed. Please note that forms sent by e-mail or facsimile (fax) cannot be handled.


According to the Constitution as a rule any new member will be admitted in the rank of a "Member", which is internationally styled as "Knight/Dame". The application form must be attached by a letter together with the appropriate chancery fee (nonnegotiable check, bank notes); a registered letter is proposed. For exceptional reasons only the Grand Chancellery may request the Supreme Head to award a higher rank. In such case you will be contacted by the Grand Chancellery.


The same application form must be filled in by persons not belonging to the Christian faith, but interested to be admitted into the category of Merit.


Last update 25 03  2005