Constitution, Statutes and General Regulations




The Grand Magisterial Council Meeting 1995 held in Bristol (U.K.) has decided that the Constitution and Statutes of the Order, issued years ago under the Grand Mastership of the late D. Francisco Enrique de Borbon y de Borbon, 47th Grand Master elected, have to be revised. A special commission has been set up under the chairmanship of the late Grand Custodian, H.E. Major the Chevalier Stuart Hamilton, GCLJ.


After three years of discussions all proposals of different Jurisdictions have been examined and at the end of 1998 Chevalier Hamilton presented the draft of the revised Constitution, which was distributed to the members of the Supreme Council by the Grand Chancery. As the result of these consultations a few alternations have been made.


During the Grand Magisterial Council Meeting 1999 held at St. Poelten (Austria) Chevalier Hamilton presented the last version to the Supreme Council. The members being present, including he Grand Master, have affirmed and The Duke of Seville has signed it on October 8th, 1999. Since that day all Members of the Order are bound to the new Constitution, Statutes and General Regulations, which are promulgated by Grand Magisterial Decree no. 17/99.


Even today being autonomous from the management of the former Grand Master the Obedience of Malta is still governed according to the rules written in this Constitution. It is intended that in due course the Constitution will be reformed and adjusted according to the today demands.


At the moment English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Romanian versions are available.


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