Grand Priory of Switzerland

International Pilgrimage to Heiligenberg


Investiture Ceremony

Saturday, 8 April 2006

Heiligenberg, Germany


During their time in the Holy Land it was customary for the Knights of the Order of Saint Lazarus to perform a pilgrimage from Bethany to Jerusalem once a year. This was the day before Palm Sunday. The members of the Grand Priory of Switzerland have decided to revive this old tradition. All members of the Order are therefore invited to participate in this event, which will take place at Heiligenberg (high-altitude health resort, 780 m above sea level) in Germany, a small village in the well-known Lake of Constance region. Its most outstanding building is Castle Heiligenberg, built in the 13th century. The castle has been owned by the princely family zu Fuerstenberg since 1516 and is famous for its Renaissance knight's hall, the chapel, the princely tomb, the "Blue Corridor", the kitchen and the entrance lounge.

Since the beginning of the fifties of last century the princely family has lived at their castle in Donaueschingen. However, the present head of the family, H.S.H. Heinrich Prince (Fuerst) zu Fuerstenberg, was born at Heiligenberg and the castle is still used for hunting purposes.

The event is linked to an Information and Working Meeting of the Order's government. Senior Officers will receive a special invitation and programme.



Saturday, 08 04 2006

until 13:55 hrs.

Arrival of all participants at the castle's main entrance (88633 Heiligenberg, Schlosshof)

14:00 hrs.

Welcome by the Chancellor of the Swiss Grand Priory, Chev. Dr. Rene Schriber, KLJ, and Thanks to the princely Family

followed by

Visit of Castle Heiligenberg

approx. 15:15 hrs.

Arrival at the castle's Chapel


Ecumenical "Statio" by H.G. Abbot General Dom Klaus Schlapps OPR, SChLJ (Old-Catholic) and Revd. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Reinhardt, SChLJ (in German and English)

followed by

Roman-Catholic Solemn Service celebrated by Revd. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Reinhardt, SChLJ, Chaplain of the Swiss Grand Priory (in Latin with Readings and Sermon in German)

followed by

Festive Investiture Ceremony (Admissions, Promotions, Awards, Appointments, Installation of two Swiss Sub-jurisdictions) presided by the Grand Chancellor, H.E. Chev.. Dr. Friedrich Schuberth, GCLJ (in German language)

17:00 hrs.

Ecumenical Concluding Benediction by all Ecclesiastic Members present

followed by

Photos taken at the castle court and common walk to the "Silence Berghotel Baader"

18:00 hrs

Aperitif Reception (Silence Hotel Baader, Salemer Strasse 5)

18:15 hrs.

Speech by the Grand Prior of Switzerland, H.E. Chev. Raphael Doria, GCLJ, Member of the Supreme Council

followed by

Speech of the Grand Chancellor, H.E. Chev. Dr. Friedrich Schuberth, GCLJ

approx. 18:30 hrs.

Festive Dinner

21:00 hrs.

Official end of the event


Dress Regulations:

Members of the Order


Uniform or White or Black Tie with full Decoration

Dinner Jacket or Dark Suit with Miniatures


Evening or Cocktail Dress with full Decoration or Miniatures

                   Church Capes (if at hand) must be worn during the Ceremony


Suitably dressed (Black Tie preferred).



must be reserved by each participant on his own discretion at one of the following quarters:


Silence Berghotel Baader

Clemens Baader - Salemer Strasse 5, 88633 Heiligenberg

Phone: +49 (0)7554 8020 - Email:

This hotel is the location of the Festive Dinner

Double room with balcony, shower/bath/toilet, minibar, telephone, colour TV and breakfast buffet Euro 92.00/night

Single room with shower/toilet, minibar, telephone, colour TV and breakfast buffet Euro 42.00/night


Other quarters close to both Castle Heiligenberg and Silence Berghotel Baader:


Hotel Post

Family Foerster - Postplatz 2, 88633 Heiligenberg

Phone: +49 (0)7554 208 - Email:

Double room approx. Euro 60.00/night; single room approx. Euro30.00/night; breakfast included; all rooms with shower/toilet/phone


Gasthof "Park-Klause"

Roman Sturn - Fuerstenberg Strasse 1a, 88633 Heiligenberg

Phone: +49 (0)7554 8485  Fax: +49 (0)7554 9379 - Email:

All rooms with balcony/bath/toilet/TV/phone; double room approx. Euro 65.00/night, single room approx. Euro 35.00/night, breakfast included


Gasthof Hosbein

Albert Lauchert - Fuerstenberg Strasse 14, 88633 Heiligenberg

Phone: +49 (0)7554 271



Other quarters within the village Heiligenberg:


Hotel-Gasthof-Pension Bayerischer Hof (in the village centre)

Karl Leykauf - Roehrenbacher Strasse 2, 88633 Heiligenberg

Phone: +49 (0)7554 217 - Fax: +49 (0)7554 9584 - Email:

All rooms with shower/toilet/TV/phone; single room approx. Euro 30.00/night, double room approx. Euro 55.00/night, triple room approx. Euro 80.00/night, breakfast included


Gasthaus Hack (situated at the foot of the castle mountain)

Edwin Hügle - Am Biehl 11, 88633 Heiligenberg-Steigen

Phone: +49 (0)7554 8686  Fax: +49 (0)7554 8369 - Email:

Double room with shower/toilet approx. Euro 70.00/night, without shower approx. Euro 45.00/night, single room with shower/toilet approx. Euro 45.00/night; breakfast incuded


Gut Greifhof

Philipp Wiest - Heiligenholz 2, 88633 Heiligenberg/Heiligenholz

Phone: +49 (0)7552 1697 - Fax: +49 (0)7552 929139 - Email:


Landgasthof Zur Post (approx. 4 km far from the village centre)

Family Froeman - Betenbrunn 17, 88633 Heiligenberg

Phone: +49 (0)7554 99880 - Fax: +49 (0)7554 998824 - Email:

All rooms with bath/shower/toilet/TV/phone; double room approx. Euro 60.00/night, single room approx. Euro 35.00/night, breakfast buffet included


Participation Fee:

Euro 75.00 per person for the Castle Tour, Investiture, Aperitif Reception and Festive Dinner. The participation fee will be collected at the beginning of the event.

All drinks during the dinner may be ordered on your own discretion and must be paid directly to the restaurant.


Wintry Salad with Flavours

Creamy Mushrooms with house-made Noodles

Slice of dorsal Beef with Herbal Crust, mixed Vegetables and Potatoes

Mixed Dessert of Sorbet, Fruit Sauce and fresh Fruits


How to reach Heiligenberg

By Air:

Friedrichshafen, approx. 35 km far from Heiligenberg is the nearest international airport.. Car rental available. For transfers contact the organiser.


By Train:

There is a train between Friedrichshafen and Salem - Mimmenhausen. Transfers by the hotels possible.


By Car:

See map on the left side.

Participants from Switzerland may also use the ferry boat from Konstanz to Meersburg


Contacts, Registration and further Information

Registration requested until 31 03 2006 to Chancellor Dr. Rene Schriber, KLJ, Phone +41 (0)41 5343244, Mobile +41 79 20466964, daily between 18.00 and 21.00 hrs., by Fax +41 (0)41 5343563 or by E-mail to


Please note that the space for both Investiture (chapel) and Festive Dinner is restricted to a total number of 60 persons only!


Last Updated 10 03 2006